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Camper holidays with young children

Very suitable with children!

Child seats

  • It is obligatory to have (like in a normal car) a special seat for children that is approved and fits.
  • The child seat needs to be attached with belt in the back or in the front.
  • Keep in mind that there have to be enough belts to secure the child seat(s) as well as the other persons in the vehicle.
  • A motorhome for 4 people is therefore unsuited to use for a holiday with 2 adults and 3 children. For this you will need a motorhome with 5 seats and belts.
  • The information about every camper tells you the amount of approved seats with belts available.

Traveling with children

  • Campers have the advantage that children have enough space to sit and enjoy themselves
  • They can sit at a table and play a game, an adult can also join them
  • Make sure there are no lose items lying around, this can cause dangerous situations


  • It is a big advantage that you can travel around with the camper but the children will have the same sleeping spot every night. After a few nights they will get used to it and will be able to sleep well
  • Make sure that when using the fold down bed the safety net is attached.

Please contact us, when you want more information about motorhome holidays  with little children

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