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Breakdowns on the road

Breakdowns on the road


Our campers are checked with regularity and approved frequently, with this we try to prevent breakdowns. However, technology can let us down every now and then, so we want you to know what to do in such a case.

For all our campers we have an insurance for roadside assistance. You can call this service 7 days a week 24 hours a day. The phone number will be provided when picking up the camper. The phone number is also provided on the green insurance card.

When you call this number they will make sure that the roadside assistance of the country you are in will be on your location as soon as possible. To help speed up this process please make sure you are aware of your location before calling. Is there a street sign, road number, mile markers on the highway, or are you near a crossing or between 2 cities or villages? Please also notify the service whether you are standing in a safe place or not.

If necessary you can always contact us for support. We are available 7 days a week on our phone number: 088-11 22 666. Besides this, it is good to know that we have installed a track and trace system in the camper, for your safety. This way we can always determine your location.

Can’t get a hold or us? Please try to call multiple times. We sincerely hope you will never have to make use of this service, but perhaps you sleep better if you know that we can trace and help you wherever you are if need be. 

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